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EIGRP routes

Another thing that i read is this example:

imagine a diamond shape with 4 routers - each at each end + 1 router that goes through the middle ans is connected to only 2 of the router(the ones that at the end of the more wide angles).

so it says that a router A(found at the end of one side of the less wide angles of the diamond) chooses his routes(Successor and FS)to the lan behind router C which is at the other eventually router A chose E as his FS(E is in the middle and is NOT CONNECTED to A) - but how can that be? he has no physical link to it, only through other routers.(if he wants to go through the middle router he has to go over 3 routers(all the other routers basically) and that is not worth the effort because the metric is high).

i know that RIP and IGRP calculate their routes based on adjacent routers but if you think about it - how can anything else be possible?

I hope you understand my question, it is very hard to explain.


Re: EIGRP routes

Are all connections Layer 2 or Layer 3?

Router A cannot choose an FS that is not it's neighbor. In Eigrp neighbors are established based on layer 3 connectivity, using IP protocol number 88 and multicasts (to

One reason I can think of is that you have a VLAN spanned from router A to router E.

Other from that, router A can only see it's neighbors and based on the Reported Distance and Feasible Distance choose a Feasible Successor. But it cannot be any other router that a neighboring one.

Check for neighbor relationships on A using "show ip eigrp neighbors"

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Re: EIGRP routes

as i said - this is a scenario from a book and i cannot check anything.

Second, theres no vlans involved.

the connections are layer 3 offcourse, cos we are talking about EIGRP which is routing protocol and it operates at layer 3 .


Re: EIGRP routes

What book is it?

I think they have either accidentally or otherwise omitted a link from A to E, and E to C.

Errors are not uncommon in the book.

All I can say is that router that is not a neighbor cannot be FS.

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Re: EIGRP routes

its CCNA-ICND by cisco press

by Wendell Odom


Re: EIGRP routes

Unfortunately I don't have that book. I'd ask you to scan the page, but i am not sure if that's legal. You can probably redraw the diagram, and retype the question, so we would know for sure that there is no catch in the question/scenario.

So far it seems like a good candidate to submit to the author as a question. Wendell Odom responded to my questions and comments to his QoS book. When you are sure that there is an error in the book, you should definitely write the author.

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Re: EIGRP routes

Do you happen to know his E-Mail?

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