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EIGRP topology database showing all the links??


Whether the EIGRP topology table will have details of all the links in the network? or only details of links connected to its neighbours?

In many documents,it is given that ,eigrp topology table will not have all the links in the netwok/AS listed in it, but #sh ip eigrp topology is showing the networks/links connected to routers which is not a neighbour to it i m confused..pls clarify...


Re: EIGRP topology database showing all the links??

All destinations advertised by neighbors are copied into the topology table. Each destination is listed along with the neighbors that advertised the destination, and the metric to reach the destination via that neighbor.

If this command "sh ip eigrp topology" is used without any keywords or arguments, then only routes that are successors & feasible successors are displayed.

routes that are not successors or feasible successors can be found in

#show ip eigrp topology all-links

hope that clarifies.

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Re: EIGRP topology database showing all the links??

Thanks a lot...

A little more clarification required.

If 4 routers are connected serially,A-B-C-D, and network is connected to router D, whether

A#sh ip eigrp topology

will show the network in it? ( v r giving the command in A)

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