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Please advice is encryption required on WAN if VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is running in remote offices?



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Required?  Depends on how "secret" you need to keep the traffic content, and your trust of your WAN vendor.  Often for dedicated WAN clouds, e.g. frame-relay/ATM/MPLS, traffic isn't encrypted but it often is if it runs across the Internet.

BTW, some VDI solutions can encrypt their own traffic, otherwise if you believe encryption is needed, you can encrypt it before it enters the WAN and decrypt it as it leaves the WAN.


Re: Encryption


My recomendation is to always encrypt WAN links unless there is a very special reason for it.

why ?

Several reasons.

First security wise, the traffic that flows is not the only problem, Injection of traffic is another problem and that someone can listen in on what you do, what your usernames/passwords are and/or your links, what software you are using, do Man in the middle attacks and so on and so on. if you do not encrypt you are essentially giving them access to your lan.

The second thing is more about the stability of your system,

Say that the provider has a bad day and one of the tech guys did something wrong and your traffic is mixed with someone elses traffic then the firewalls will sort that out since the only thing that comes through is the encrypåted vpn traffic. otherwise it might come a lot of unneccessary traffic to your network.

So I would state Yes unless you have a very very special reason to not do so.

Good luck


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