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Enhanced Object Tracking with 10720

I have the age-old problem of trying to get HSRP working on a couple of routers that are connected to an MPLS network via two Ethernet LES circuits. As ever when the PE goes down, the interface on the CE stays up as the intermediate switch provides the keepalives. The problem is the usual fix, enhanced object tracking, is not available on the 10720 which is the CE devices they are using and Cisco say they have no plans to add it to the 12.0 train which is what the 10720 is locked into. Does anyone have a workaround to this or know any different. I'm sure I am not the only person implementing things this way




Re: Enhanced Object Tracking with 10720

Enhanced object tracking provides complete separation between the objects to be tracked and the action to be taken by a client when the state of a tracked object changes. Several protocols such as HSRP, VRRP, or GLBP can register an interest in an object with the tracking service, track the same object, and each take different action when the state of the object changes.

Each tracked object is identified by a unique number that is specified by using the tracking command-line interface (CLI). Client processes use this number to track a specific object.

The tracking service periodically polls the tracked objects and notes any change of value. The changes in the tracked object are communicated to interested clients, either immediately or after a specified delay. The object values are reported as either up or down.

Refer this link for configuration:

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Re: Enhanced Object Tracking with 10720

Hi Ian,

You could use iBGP between the 2 routers.



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