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Equipment and WAN link failure due to bad weather conditions

Dear Team,

One of my customers is into mining business. The place where mining is done is in extreme weather conditions and dusty too. Due to this, there are frequent equipment failure rate. Is there any way to prepare Cisco infrastructure from issues such as power surge/ power fluctuations, sudden disruption of power etc. I do understand there are power surges/ UPS solutions available, however does Cisco recommend any solution for their devices working under such conditions? Also what are the technologies that work well for WAN under such circumstances. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


Equipment and WAN link failure due to bad weather conditions

Cisco makes industrial devices for exterme conditions. They specifically have solutions for Mining.

Your Channel SE should also be able to help. You also have the option of opening a TAC case for Partner Support.

Finally, PDI may be able to help as well.

Typically your WAN connectivity will be determined by your location. You'll be lucky to have more than one option.

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