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ether channel


I have two Cisco3560G switches,one in first floor other in the second floor,

There is a NAS server which has 4 NIC cards(gibic) all are bundled as 4 Gbic,which is connected to first floor switch,which is in VLAN 10,then ther are 10 users sits in the second floor,all are in VLAN 10,and they have to access the NAS server,the application needs 2 to 4 Gibic.

Now I am using 4 10/100/1000 ports in both switches and configure it as a ether channel.So it act as the 4 GBIC back bone between two floor switches.

Now there are some other users in the second floor in diffrent VLANs ,they will also access the NAS server which is in the first floor in VLAN 10.

Now my question is Can I configure the ether chanel as a trunk,so that it can carry all the VLANs?and How to configure the ether channel as a trunk.

My assumption is first I will configure first and second floor 4 ports as a Switch port mode trunk,,then convert them into ether channel.Is it correct or not?Please help me to resolve this.

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Re: ether channel

Sure, you can configure trunking on the etherchannel but I don't see the need for that.

If the users reside on a different Vlan and need to access the server on Vlan10, just enable ip routing on the 3560 switch and have the server point to the Layer3 address for Vlan10 on the switch as the gateway and the users on the other Vlan point to their respective gateway.

For instance, users on different Vlan

interface Vlan20

ip address

servers on Vlan10

interface Vlan10

ip address

Devices on Vlan20, need to point to as the gateway and devices on Vlan10, need to point to as the gateway.




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