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Ethernet ports routing

I have 4 wireless link (Proxim 5054), routing on them is very poor and hangs.

I want to use a Cisco router and use the wireless links as bridges.


Can I use the Ethernet switch ports on the cisco 1800 as different network and route them, or do I have to install a Ethernet WIC for each wireless link or What would be the best router in this case?


Re: Ethernet ports routing

Yes you can create layer 3 svi interfaces (vlans) for those switch ports and use layer 3 addresses on those vlan interfaces to route packets.

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Re: Ethernet ports routing

I was wondering if I can do the same using the 2621 router or any other router, using some IOS and have the VLAN ports on the Cat 2950-12, and routing to those interface?

VIP Purple

Re: Ethernet ports routing


just out of curiosity, what problem(s) are you running into with the 5054 boxes ? I wonder if introducing a Cisco (or any other device) will help...

Of course if you already have done extensive troubleshooting and have come to the conclusion that your Proxims are the culprit, disregard this post; otherwise, maybe you can elaborate a bit more on your specific issue ?



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Re: Ethernet ports routing

The 5054 with any version of software one can not force them NOT to do RIP if you are routing.

I had to trick them to use RIP Ver 2 using simple password and insert a bad password. This will not update the routing table via RIP V2.

Problem routing on the 5054 are:

1-The administrator does not know what route are RIP or static.

2-The administrator can't disable RIP

3-You can't have alias IP for the same interface.

4-It will not do IPSec

5-It will not do VPN

And on, and on.

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