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Evaluation License vs RTU


I have CISCO887VA-M-K9 router and I have activated the eavluation advipservices license on it as below:

ROUTER#show license feature

Feature name             Enforcement  Evaluation  Subscription   Enabled  RightToUse

advipservices            yes          yes         no             yes      yes

ROUTER#show license

Index 1 Feature: advipservices

        Period left: 8  weeks 0  day

        Period Used: 3  days 11 hours

        License Type: EvalRightToUse

        License State: Active, In Use

        License Count: Non-Counted

        License Priority: Low

My Quation :

1- what it will happen if the evaluation period expired and licensed converted to RTU license? Am I going to lost the configuration done on the router?

2- If the RTU licese is only a paper license for legal? or it has to be activated on order to maintan activation of the advipservices

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Evaluation License vs RTU

Looking at the output, I would say that you are running temporary IPSERVICES license on your 800 series. Temporary licenses are used for evaluating new capabilities or in emergency situations. A temporary license allows a feature set to be used for 60 days of actual usage. When the 60-day period expires, the device will continue to operate normally until reloaded. After the reload, the device will default to the original functionality before the temporary license was enabled.


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Evaluation License vs RTU

Thanks Amant for your email.

Will be able to reactivate the licensed again after 60 days expiration temporary for lab testing?


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Evaluation License vs RTU

I don’t think that you can reactivate temporary license again once it’s expired. You may open TAC case with the licensing team to get the permanent license.


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