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Extended Ping Question


I'm troubleshooting what I believe to an EIGRP  issue. After some research I came across Cisco's EIGRP Tshooting document. One of the items is 

"can you successfully ping between neighbors with packet sizes up to the interface MTU size" Both sides are set to 1500 bytes and I just wanted to make sure I'm using the extended ping correctly. Below is my output. I know you can get pretty in depth with the extended ping commands but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something for my basic test. I thinks it's an EIGRP issue as the circuit dropped and when I look at the logs I get the following.

Jul 24 16:54:11.062: %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: IP-EIGRP(0) 101: Neighbor 10.x.x.1 (Serial0/1/0:0) is down: holding time expired
*Jul 24 16:54:17.930: %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: IP-EIGRP(0) 101: Neighbor 10.x.x.1 (Serial0/1/0:0) is up: new adjacency

Site A#ping
Protocol [ip]:
Target IP address: 10.x.x.1 (this is the other side of the T1)
Repeat count [5]:
Datagram size [100]: 1500
Timeout in seconds [2]:
Extended commands [n]: y
Source address or interface: 10.x.x.2 
Type of service [0]:
Set DF bit in IP header? [no]:
Validate reply data? [no]:
Data pattern [0xABCD]:
Loose, Strict, Record, Timestamp, Verbose[none]:
Sweep range of sizes [n]:
Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5, 1500-byte ICMP Echos to 10.x.x.1, timeout is 2 seconds:
Packet sent with a source address of 10.x.x.2
Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 40/42/44 ms


Thanks for any help


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You'll probably also want to also set the DF bit.

BTW, later IOS versions can take some of the extended commands with the ping command.

e.g. ping 10.x.x.x size 1500 df

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