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External data Keywork on ROute

Hi, What is the meaning of External Data ?

R>sh ip ei topology

IP-EIGRP (AS 1): Topology entry for

State is Passive, Query origin flag is 1, 1 Successor(s), FD is 373760

Routing Descriptor Blocks: (Multilink10), from, Send flag is 0x0

Composite metric is (373760/153600), Route is External

Vector metric:

Minimum bandwidth is 7936 Kbit

Total delay is 2000 microseconds

Reliability is 243/255

Load is 1/255

Minimum MTU is 1500

Hop count is 1

External data:

Originating router is

AS number of route is 65040

External protocol is BGP, external metric is 0

Administrator tag is 65140 (0x0000FE74)

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Re: External data Keywork on ROute

Hello Rupesh,

EIGRP external routes data structures contain additional fields:

the EIGRP router-id of the router that injected the route in the EIGRP domain.

The protocol from which the route has been learned is BGP with BGP as number 65040.

the route tag is a copy of BGP AS number (this is a default).

The BGP metric MED is 0.

This information is carried to provide a way to rebuild (at least partially the AS path cannot be rebuilt) the original BGP route in another node.

Hope to help


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