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Facing problem while using two Multilink for the same location.

I have EIGRP network, with 64k link connectivity from HUB location to Leaf location and I am using some bandwidth of 64k for IP telephony. For IP Telephony I have created logical ports Multilink for packet fragmentation, voice packet interleaving between data packets. The physical serial ports are mapped / bundled with these logical ports.

I am facing problem at a location where I have two 64k links from HUB location to a Leaf location, if I bundle/map these two serial ports to Multilink, one of the links is no come up. If I remove the Multilink of one of the links, both the links come up, one with Multilink and one without Multilink. If I use Multilink again the 2nd link goes down.

Will you help me on this?


Re: Facing problem while using two Multilink for the same locati

Hi Sanjay

If i m not wrong are you trying to put them in induvidual multilinks ? then i dont see any purpose of going on for a mutlilink in first point over here.

I think the best thing which can happen here would be bundling both the serial interfaces under single multilink instead of going on for 2 induvidual correct me if i have read ur post the other way ..



Re: Facing problem while using two Multilink for the same locati


In order to have multiple multilinks beween two routers, you need to configure different endpoint discriminators for them.

I suggest you configure the following (on both router), in order to what you have already:

interface Multilink18

ppp multilink endpoint string MPPPBundle18


interface Multilink33

ppp multilink endpoint string MPPPBundle33


Also, for the sake of consistency, use the same multilink group ID at both ends.

Hope that helps - pls rate the post if it does.


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