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Failover from P2P T-1 to VPN Tunnel

I'm sure this is possible but am unsure of what precisely i need to setup, maybe just RIP or EIGRP or ??? Basically I have 2 sites normally the WAN connection is a P2P T-1, both sites have their own internet and PIXs (506e so 6.x code) I want to setup on our routers that if the T-1 goes down route WAN traffic via VPN tunnels on the Pixs. How do i go about this? How would i setup the routing and how do i have the routers at each end know that the P2P is down use vpn and vice -versa the P2P is backup go back to using it.

Thanks for any help!


Re: Failover from P2P T-1 to VPN Tunnel


I have the same kind of situation, here's how I do it, with a VPN to two remote central locations over an internet circuit:-

1) Run EIGRP

2) Encapsulation in GRE Tunnels

3) Pass dynamic routing traffic thru Tunnels over VPN connections.

4) Configure hello/dead timers on tunnels

5) Weight the tunnels, with delay and bandwidth metrics to determin primary & secondary routing paths when boths tunnels are active.

6) Tune EIGRP to 1 second hello, 3 second dead.

If any intritupion to the network occurs over the primary link - the seconday takes over inside 3 seconds.

You could use the same in your situtation.


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