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Failover using ping monitoring

Hi all

I have a 1800 Router - Connected to a serial WAN Link - this is connected via upstream provider though mpls cloud and is not directly connect to my network.

The router also has a DSL backup direct to our network.

If any link on the wan goes down - the router must failover to the dsl - i have tried the ip sla monitoring command - but without success; not much onfo on using it.

The link to our network is not "directly connected" is there anyway to make the interface monitor pings and down when the pings fail or something like that

Thanks and regards



Re: Failover using ping monitoring

Hie Malcom,

Following link will help you in confguring the feature you want using IP SLA Monitor

This was previously known as RTR and now as IP SLA monitor

What we do is we configure an RTR like

rtr 1

type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho Target IP Address

timeout 2000

frequency 3

rtr schedule 1 start-time now life forever

By configuring above we are starting a ping to the target IP address with specified parameters like timeout and frequency.

We need to track the result of this rtr so we configure

track 100 rtr 1 reachability

Here you can also configure up and down notification times to ensure your route does not flap in case there is some flapping in WAN

Finally you can apply this tracked objects in your IP routes

ip route MPLS IP track 100

ip route DSL IP 150

Here first route is to MPLS IP (or whatever is your next hop to reach MPLS). In case track fails, it will return DOWN code. In such case this route will be removed from the routing table and next candidate which is the route to DSL will be installed

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