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Failover WAN Link

Greetings Experts,

I'm newbie when it comes to HA and failover. We currently have one Nortel 3120 connected to a T3 ATT to the internet for voice/data. This router then connected to PIX firewall and the PIX connected to a Cisco 2821 router for voice. We have another 3mb backup Cox to the internet. My question is how or what technology or hardware i should implement so that when the Nortel router failed or internet disconnected, it will automatically fail over and fail back when the primary internet is up.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Failover WAN Link


Honestly I'm unable to advise you about the other router, but for example the 2821 would be able to handle both connections and ensure redundancy. Actually it would also be able to replace the PIX (a router does all what a pix does and more).

If you want to go this direction I can link some config examples.

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Re: Failover WAN Link

Hi p.bevilacqua,

Thank you for your respond. I would love to see some config sample. I think we got the Nortel because our ISP might have given it as "free" router? I am not sure. I just want to know what technology to achieve this.


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