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Fan issue

Hi , in one month period my four routers are throwing FAN error, is it some kind of bug? :-s

Error 54721: Feb 24 14:04:33.447: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fans had a rotation error reported.

any way to fix it other than replacing?

also any way to stop router sending its alert on syslog machine? its really a mess on my syslog, or any tune able syslog software? that can do filtering on special messages?


Re: Fan issue

This is what I found in Cisco website...

Error Message

%FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan [dec] had a rotation error reported

Explanation The fan experienced a rotation error.

Recommended Action Replace the fan if it is not rotating.

Error Message

%FAN-3-FAN_OK: Fan [dec] had reported a previous rotation error, however

is now functioning

Explanation This is an informational message only. A fan that had reported a rotation error is now functional.

Recommended Action No action is required.

If the messages are popping up frequently, I definitely replace the FAN.



Re: Fan issue

Are those routers located in the same area? Do the routers have same version of code? Is the area too hot? Can you listen if the fans are rotating?

If you don't want any syslog messages from the routers you can use "no logging x.x.x.x" command.

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Re: Fan issue

Routers are on different locations, Cooling is normal,

Fans are rotating, i checked when i physically opened one of the router,

and i cant do no logging, because i have important data links on the circuit which i need to monitor.

Re: Fan issue

Never used this command, but it's worth to see what it does

logging discriminator msg-body drops

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Re: Fan issue

i cant find above command in my cisco router:-s

Re: Fan issue

What's the model of your router? What version of IOS are you running?

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Re: Fan issue



i cant find this command on any of my routers.

Re: Fan issue

We don't have any 3725s or 3825, but I see this command on 3845. The command is not available on 2811.

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