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Fiber Failover to MPLS backup

Hi all,

I have a 3825 with a 20meg Fiber link back to my HQ. We also have a 3meg MPLS link to the HQ. I am wanting to use the fiber with the MPLS as a back-up. I know a static route has a lower administrative distance and should take priority but the BGP has redistribute-static and I am having a bit of trouble. Any advice? I don't mind reading so even if you have a link I could read I'll be greatful.

Thanks ahead of time.



Re: Fiber Failover to MPLS backup

You will need to change the redistribute to filter any statics you do not want bgp to know about. It is a pretty simple route-map that points to a access list that permits and denys the routes redistributed. If you look at the redistibute command in the doc files they have examples of how to filter with a route-map. There are ways to filter it from the HQ side also but if don't need the routes in the BGP then its best to never put them there in the first place

Even though it may be slightly more complex I would run BGP over your fiber. I assume your BGP peers with the provider AS so you AS path should be longer via the MPLS than the directly connected fiber so the fiber will be preferred. The problems I have seen with fiber failures tend to be that the interface stays up but does not really pass any traffic. Static routes will not fail over in this case where as the BGP will lose his neighbor and failover.

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Re: Fiber Failover to MPLS backup

Right on! Thank you. I will run the BGP over the fiber, that sounds better.

Re: Fiber Failover to MPLS backup

Hi Tim,

Long time no see, Nice to see you here again.




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