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Fifo overrun on descriptor block2

Hi guys,

i want to ask something about log that i got recently on one of my router which i monitor,the log is

65986: 164409: Sep 18 09:58:43.295 UTC:%HWIC_HOST-1-RX_OVERRUN_ERROR: HWIC_HOST: Host termination logic experience FIFO overrun for Interface Descriptor Block 0x2BC72750

I don't know what is this log talking about

This router got 3 interfaces

G0/0 -> Facing toward ISP (running Class-based queuing strategy)

G0/1 -> Facing toward Backup Router (running FIFO queuing strategy)

G0/2 -> Facing the Branch LAN (running FIFO queuing strategy)

all of 3 interfaces got 0 inputs error,0 CRC,0 Frame,0 overrun and 0 ignored,i don't know why i keep getting this message,from my perspective the network is running properly,can you guys help me to idetify what's likely the root of this problem and how to solve it,thanks.


Fifo overrun on descriptor block2


From the error message decoder tool.

Looks like you need to raise TAC case as this is probably an IOS bug.



HWIC_HOST: Host termination logic experienced a Receive FIFO overrun for Interface Descriptor Block [hex]

The host termination logic has encountered a FIFO overrun during a receive operation for the interface specified by the IDB. This condition indicates a software error.

Recommended Action: Copy the message exactly as it appears on the console or in the system log. Research and attempt to resolve the issue using the tools and utilities provided at With some messages, these tools and utilities will supply clarifying information. Search for resolved software issues using the Bug Toolkit at If you still require assistance, open a case with the Technical Assistance Center via the Internet at, or contact your Cisco technical support representative and provide the representative with the information you have gathered. Attach the following information to your case in nonzipped, plain-text (.txt) format: the output of the show logging and show tech-support commands and your pertinent troubleshooting logs.

Related documents- No specific documents apply to this error message.

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