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File copy slowness in direction


I am noticing a weird network issue. Scenario is when I try to copy file from a host in site A to a host in site B file copy is very quick. But when I tried to copy a file from site B of the same host to site A of same host file copy is very slow. Both are windows network.

Site A host 1 ------copy- Site B host 2 Quick

Site A host 1 ---copy --- Site B host 2 slow

Site A is connected to site B via 10Gig dark fibre link. The distance between site A to site B is approximately 7 kms. We are using Cisco 3750-E with 10Gig Zen-pack module between these two sites. I would like to know what causing this issue. The network is routed via EIGRP.

Please provide me with valuable guideline to identify the causes.

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Re: File copy slowness in direction

Hello Sivakumar,

the path delay is very low on 7km span of 10Ge fiber based link.

Verify MTU settings on both PCs and on their respective default gateways.

One PC can be using the extended TCP window but this should make the difference only on high bandwidth high delay paths.


check the link usage on both directions but again it is unlike the link can be saturated in one direction.

Check if any QoS is applied outbound the link in the direction of slower performance a shaper of policer

Hope to help


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Re: File copy slowness in direction

hi Giuseppe,

Thanks for the quick response.

The MTU size across the link is 1500. I've tried what is mentioned in the above link , but no improvement.

Can anyone help me out.


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