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File transfer timeout

I am experiencing file transfer timeouts when transferring a number of specific files from a range of external servers to all hosts on my network. When i try to transfer say file X from external site Y it will always timeout after transferring 'Z' amount of data. However, when chosing a different file, say file A from the same site 'Y' the transfer is successful. So it appears to be more file specific that site specific.

The files are all of varying sizes and the problem is not restricted to files above or below a specific size.

I have tested the transfer of the same files from one of my other sites (home connection for example) and I do not experience any problems with file transfers of any files. What is even more strange is that once i have downloaded the problem files to a host on my home connection i have then tried to transfer them to my main site. The transfer is successful when they are encrypted over the VPN but not successful via FTP.

I have also tested by connecting a laptop directly to my router at my main site so ruling out anything of my LAN and i still see the same problems.

Example external FTP sites where i have noted this problem:

**so some files are downloadable via FTP from above and others always timeout**

My CPE router is a Cisco 7120 running IOS Version 12.0(7)T. I have seen a registered bug ref CSCdk93253 which describes a similar problem but there are no fixes listed.

First of all is this a problem anyone has heard of and is it possible that it is related to a problem with the IOS or even a hardware fault?

My line of thinking at present is that there is a data pattern received during the transfer that perhaps my Cisco router doesnt like for whatever reason and causes the TCP connection to timeout??

Help !


Re: File transfer timeout

Looked at the specified bug-ID. This may very well be related so I would suggest that you perform an IOS upgrade to a more recent version.



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Re: File transfer timeout

an upgrade is pending this coming weekend so we shall see what affect this has


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