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Floating route preferred over EIGRP

First of all thanks to everyone who can help, this is the situation: I have 2 6509's (6509 A and 6509 B) that receive a EIGRP redistributed default route from our core routers, this core router receives this default route via BGP from our "internet router" which in turn receives it from our ISP, so this default is being redistributed via EIGRP with an AD of 170 through the rest of the network. I have a floating route in both 6509's A & B as: ip route null0 220 as per Cisco recommendation to be able to still send a default route to some downstream closet routers if the internet default route is lost, the problem is that this floating route (AD 220) is being installed instead of the EIGRP learned route (AD 170) even though the AD is much lower, any input is greatly appreciated.


Re: Floating route preferred over EIGRP

Can you post the applicable part of the routing table on the core switches? Also, post the actual default route config on the core switches.

Are you sure the dynamic default is being advertised to the core switches in the first place?

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Re: Floating route preferred over EIGRP

Lamav, the static statement was removed because of the problem it was causing and yes, the dynamic default was being learned (looked at the EIGRP topology tables) but the floating was being installed in the routing table...this the actual default route config on the core switches:

ip route Null0 220

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Re: Floating route preferred over EIGRP

So after removing the statement off the core switches you can now see the default-route with a value of 170 in your routing tables.

Could you post a copy of

"sh ip route"

+ the "router eigrp " off your core switch(es).

You are correct in what you think should be happening ie. the 170 route should take precendence over the 220 route.



Re: Floating route preferred over EIGRP

yes, Im curious to see the dynamic default actually in the routing table...

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