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New Member

FR question

guys i know FR and different methods of configuring FR. Now i am confuse on thebasic concept of using let me give you an example......suppose we have three offices A, B,C now i can configure the router at office A (suppose its a main office) as a normal FR physical link and i get 2 dlci's on that physical link (no subinterfaces for the time being) and i do the same on b and c now this is hub and spoke or partial mesh site A can talk to B and C and so the sites B and C to if site B wants to talk directly i can add another pvc between them (to make it full mash) or i can use FR map will work why we need subinterfaces.......look i can implement the same scenario as A (head office) as point to multipoint subinterfaces.....but it will work as the scenario one.....guys all i am confuse is why we use subinterfaces rathe rthen the normal physical interface as described above.....the only scenario comes to my mind is that if u have less physcial interfaces it will solve the problem.....can someone please descibe i m totally lost.....thanks a million guys.


Re: FR question

You are right , it is the matter of physical interface density.

For few sites , it may work having different physical interfaces.

But as more site comes, your router may not be able to suffice the physical interfaces density , to more many PVC's.

Keeping in mind such type of scalability , subinterfaces are created for terminating pvc.

HTH...rate if helpful..

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