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Frame Relay lab


I was just wondering how I can set up a home lab to work with a fram relay setup?

I have a few routers with WIC-T1 cards and a couple of switches, that I'm using for my other labs, could I use these or do I need some extra equipment?



Re: Frame Relay lab


What switches do you have? Frame-relay switches?

Also depending on how much interface to you have you cand create a more complex environment or not so. For a back 2 back connection you need 2 router with 2 E1 / T1 card and a cross cable.

Also if you cannot do it by your hardware you can use Dynamips + GNS3 and a powerful PC to do this in software.

Please give some more details!



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Re: Frame Relay lab

Sorry for the lack of details.

I have:

2 x Cisco 2620's each have 2 x WIC-1T cards

1 x Cisco 1721 with 1 x WIC-TC card

Cisco 2950 switch

Cisco 2550 switch

1 x spare WIC-1T card

Re: Frame Relay lab

Hi there!

You can try the following scenarios:

1. the 2 2620 connected back to back over the 2 xT1 (this means 2 connection in parallel) and try FR multilink configuration

2. you can try hub and spoke with one 2620 and hub and the other 2620 and 1721 as spoke

3. you can transform one of the 2620 in FR switch and do the necessary FR routing on it; then you connect to the 2620 FR-switch the other 2620 and the 1721 and try FR map dynamic (inverse-arp for example)

This is what I can thing of right now. It should be enough to test FR. The best would be to have a FR switch (or router with 3 T1 interfaces) and connect all the routers that you have now and try different scenarios like the one above. But with what you have is fair enough to be very familiar with Frame-Relay.

Good luck!


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