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Frame Relay Stress Testing

Hi All,

My network has a bouncing frame relay circuit. Every time our link takes a hit, we call the carrier and they would perform a stress test for that bouncing circuit and all they say after the stress test is, "there where no errors found". They told me that they used intrusive and passive tests. I really dont know what these test are, so my questions is,

1) What are the types of test performed on a frame relay circuit?

2) What could be the problem with the bouncing circuit? (Already replaced WAN cable from router to CSU/DSU, router configurations are all good and no extended demarc)

3) What troubleshooting approach should i do to isolate the problem?

Usually after the stress testing, circuit would be up and running pretty well for 2-3days. Then the circuit goes bad again after that. seen lots of crc and input errors on the serial interface btw.


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Re: Frame Relay Stress Testing

1) Depends on the equipment they use for FR network, they can do a specific test for PVC and run a loopback test up to a CO.

2) It looks like a local loop issue to me.

Did they ask you to put your router serial interface in a loop state and run a test or you can do some pings?

here is a good reference you can look and start troubleshooting:


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