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Frame relay traffic rate can not burst to port speed


My company has two 2MB lease lines connect to head office, frame relay CIR is 256K respectively, the configuration is the exactly same for the two links, one of the link's traffic rate can not burst at all, whenever traffic exceeds 256k will cause packet drop, but the other one link can burst to port speed, we have checked with SP and they confirmed that they didn't limit bursting, any thought for the problem will be indeed appreciated.



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Re: Frame relay traffic rate can not burst to port speed


I have had similar problem on one of our customers frame-relay link. The customers SP had configured FR port with wrong values. I'm not sure whether it can help in your particular case, but in our case we used "frame-relay qos-autosense" command to get the parameters on SPs side. This will work only if SP uses Cisco equipment and allows ELMI.

Check with your SP whether you can use "frame-relay qos-autosense" command in port configuration. If it is possible then set it up and run "show frame-relay qos-autosense" to see the parameters on SP side.

//Mikhail Galiulin

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Re: Frame relay traffic rate can not burst to port speed

Hello Trina,

do you have Frame Relay Traffic Shaping enabled ? On the link where the burst doesn´t appear to work, try the following (assuming your link is on Serial1, and the DLCI is 102, which might differ in your case; if you have problems implementing this, post your configuration):

map-class frame-relay DLCI_102

frame-relay cir 256000

frame-relay bc 2560

frame-relay be 17280


interface Serial1

frame-relay traffic-shaping

frame-relay interface-dlci 102

class DLCI_102



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