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Freezing telnet sessions

I'm having connectivity issues with one Router 3725, I'm using BGP routing, QoS and fragmentation.

The physical WAN link seems to see ok, and the protocol is "UP", but when I tried to telnet the Router the telnet session have a strange behavior, the session blocks, or if I type any command it would blocks as soon as I type the enter key.

I had this problem once and we found a mismatch of a fragmentation parameter, We already checked that configuration on our side and on the MPLS Provider, we already change Router, WIC and V.35 cable.

Does anybody know what could be causing this estrange behavior?

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Re: Freezing telnet sessions

You most talk with your SP and they most to resolve the problem.

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Re: Freezing telnet sessions


Is bgp up ? if yes then it is should not be a fragmentation issue.

What's about ping? dou have drops?

Try to remove and ISP QOS config and test again

if you do "show policy-map interface xxx" do you see any drops ?

From where do you initiate your telnet (what's between your PC (source) and the router (destination) ?

any traceback in the router log ? (memory problem)

can we have a sh version ?



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Re: Freezing telnet sessions


this means that u use frame-relay between mpls pe (provider) and ce.

if yes make sure that the provider and u have exactly

the same frame-relay fragmentation size.

i had exactly the same in the past - and it was the

frame-relay fragmentation size in the frame-relay map-class.

you can check this with "sh frame-relay pvc xy"

perhaps the provider has not enabled shapping and so the pvc does not use the frame-relay map-class.

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