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Gateway to internet

I confused myself last hop before I hit my ISP is the router that I'm on has a Gateway of last resort of which is the ethernet interface on my core router. Now question is if someone needed a gateway to point to to get to the internet I would give him the IP address of the last hop router before it hits the ISP, which in my case is the correct? Sorry for the silly question.....thank you in advance


Re: Gateway to internet

For connections from your router, u have to gateway as the connected interface ip address that the users are attached to.

Say,ethernet interface ip for users connected on this router and the router will carry them to internet with the default route in there.


New Member

Re: Gateway to internet

ok so what you are saying is that I would need to use the next hop router as the gateway

so for instance:

rt1 rt2 rt5 -> internet

so if I'm on rt1 and I want to point folks to the gateway that leads to the inter net I would have to give them the next hop router interface in this case it would be rt2's interface and then rt2 would know how to get to the internet right??

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