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GLBP for Active/Active load balancing and BGP for Inbound load balancing

Can I achieve the Active/ Acive load balancing through GLBP on border rouuters in case I have two Pix Firewalls placed in Active/Passive (Failover mode)and whichever firewall is active pointing default route towards Virtual IP of configured GLBP group?

Attached is the block diagram for your reference. Say R1 and R2 are running GLBP for first hop router redundancy and for distributing traffic on both of these routers round-robin.R1 and R2 are also running BGP on two IP VPN links (terminated on GigE ports of each router) with ISP MPLS cloud. Would it be good approach if I will be load balancing the inbound traffic through BGP by adverstising one aggregate (for backup) on each link and with specific on one Link and subnet on the other link to achieve inbound load balancing for LAN located in customer HQ.In the nutshell, I want to achieve outbound traffic load balancing taken by GLBP and inbound traffic by BGP just by advertising specific prefix instead of using other BGP attributes.

Please guide me is there any special configuration that I will be needing from ISP side for load balancing the traffic on these IP VPN links or the approach I mentioned will do my work.

Note: As per diagram the customer HQ (for example LAN: will be accessing servers located in Data center which is already running BGP with ISP MPLS IP VPN cloud and advertising the Servers subnet /24 to ISP cloud.

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Re: GLBP for Active/Active load balancing and BGP for Inbound lo

Hi everybody,

Can anybody help me regarding this scenario.

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