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GLBP scenario question

Location A connects to Location B with two connections

One Point to Point T1

One 768KB CIR Frame Circuit

Location A has one subnet

Location B has one subnet

OSPF is routing protocol

Could GLBP be used at both locations to load balance traffic across T1 and 768KB CIR (Max of 1.544 MB) circuit?


Re: GLBP scenario question


could you provide more information of the topology of this network and routing configurations?




Re: GLBP scenario question


The answer to your question is yes - you can certainly use GLBP to load-balance your traffic over the two links.


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In my setup, two wan routers

In my setup, two wan routers are connected to four WAN links, two from one ISP and remaining two from other ISP. I have configured by routers using glbp and a firewall and a few switches are sitting in between my clients and wan Routers. From firewall, all my traffic is going out via one router only and I don't think any load balancing is taking place. I have not tried trace from my clients. And I can't provide the glbp virtual ip as gateway in my client machines. So would the traffic from my clients to wan be load balanced by glbp ? From firewall, it's not being load balanced and using one router only.

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In your case, if a FW is the L2 "client" seen by the routers, your routers will only have one MAC address client and GLBP will not load balance.

If your WAN links are about the same bandwidth, and if your FW supports static routing, you could use two mHSRP virtual gateway IPs and load balance.

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