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GRE Recommendation


1. Bandwidth on GRE Tunnels reaches 70% between LocationA to LocationB

2. Need loadbalancing and redundancy on link level with different SP on same hardware.

3. Bandwidth would be different on other tunnels to same destination

which routing protocol between tunnel is ideal in this scenario considering router models are in 2800 series

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Re: GRE Recommendation

If you wish to do unequal cost load balancing using a routing protocol, you'll need EIGRP.

If the tunnels are close to the same bandwidth, you could also use OSPF if you cost the same.

You could also consider using OER/PfR to dynamically load balance. Most versions only support BGP or static routing; PIRO variant supports any routing protocol.

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Re: GRE Recommendation

Thanks for the reply.

Couple of Questions still

(1) WAN Bandwidth less than 10MB will Cisco 2811 be an ideal Box. Max 20 Tunnels running on it.

(2) Recommended IOS ver+built for 2811 supporting EIGRP+OSPF+GRE. ( I have 12.4 now )

(3) Dynamic Routing Protocol will be EIGRP. what is OER/PfR and can it compliment EIGRP.

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Re: GRE Recommendation

()1 For 10 Mbps, 2811 should be okay. This assumes you also use "tcp mss-adjust" and insure PMTU works correctly to minimize the need for router to do any fragmentation.

(2) 12.4 mainline would be my preference. I think the base feature set supports both EIGRP and OSFP and GRE.

(3) PfR PIRO version (found in later 12.4T) can compliment EIGRP (although I have not first hand experience with that type of PfR configuation). Believe it also requires one of the non-base IOS feature sets. As to what it is, that's perhaps best explained by other informaton on Cisco's web site.

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