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Handle Deallocation Failure

Does anyone know what the syslog message of "004143: Dec 30 10:43:54.955: EIGRP: Handle deallocation failure [1]" means?

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Re: Handle Deallocation Failure

it's a bug, but probably not a problem unless you see other symptoms. Handles represent each peer and are contained in a bit field. That error message happens when we try to de-allocate one of the handle bits and run into trouble getting rid of it. I've seen it before but don't remember any negative side-effects besides the message. Are you seeing other symptoms as well?

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Re: Handle Deallocation Failure

Hello Don,

Thank you for responding - this has been a most informative answer.

I apologize for stealing this thread a little, but I have recently taken the liberty of asking you to kindly have a look at this thread:

Although it has been marked as answered, I would be very thankful to you if you could review it and kindly add your own explanations where necessary. I could derive the posted information only from the scarce documentation available and you are definitely the person who can give the ultimate information to some answers posted there.

Thank you very much in forward!

Best regards,



Re: Handle Deallocation Failure


I'm out of town at the moment checking via my iPad, but will try to take a look at the other thread after I return home in a couple of days.

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