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Help - CCNA/CCNP lab


I'm just getting started and need some help. I'm buying some inexpensive used equipment and didn't want to buy more than I needed. I definately want to go with actual equipment instead of something like the Boson simulator software. I already have two 2514 routers and two 2924 switches and wanted to add two more routers and one switch. I was thinking of 2610's and a 2950. I need to figure out what interfaces to add to the 2610's.

Can I simulate frame relay using a WIC-2T interface and back-to-back DCE/DTE cables connecting to the 2514's or do I need to go with an NM-4A/S? Is there a difference between a WIC-2T card and an NM-4A/S card where I can only use one to simulate frame relay and not the other?

For learning about and practicing with VLAN's, VTP and STP etc., if I have three switches (2924, 2924, 2950) is there any reason why I would need a fast ethernet module such as the NM-1FE-TX in a router as opposed to just a regular 10MB NM-1E1R2W? I read that the TX version supports virtual LAN (VLAN) deployment however I'm not sure what additional benefit the TX version would give me if I have three switches. If anyone has any information or suggestions it would be very helpful.

I really need help finding out what interfaces to buy to get 'hands-on experience' and learn how to configure frame relay, VLANs, VTP, STP etc.



Re: Help - CCNA/CCNP lab

Hi, mike

1)Can I simulate frame relay using a WIC-2T interface and back-to-back DCE/DTE cables connecting to the 2514's or do I need to go with an NM-4A/S?

Both can do the job. Notice that Wic-2T has only 2 interfaces per card. You need to buy 2 Wic-2T cards to make 4 interfaces in total.

2) the difference between NM-4A/S and wic-2T

The maximum speed of NM-4A/S is 128000 bit/sec , wic-2T is much higer than that.

Their connector are different.NM-4A/s uses DB60 connector, wic2T uses smart serial connector. Make sure you purchase the correct cables to connect the routers.

3)Vlan support on 2610? You mean multiple vlans in one single interface? 2610 has a built-in ethernet interface which do support that feature if your ios is advanced enough(enterprise plus 12.2, for example). My suggestion is no need to add another moudle if your intention is only to practice rouer-on-a-stick senario.



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Re: Help - CCNA/CCNP lab

Thanks for the info and the fast reply. I wasn't sure what I could and couldn't do with the different interfaces. So, just to make sure I got this right....

(1) The NM-4A/S has 4 DB60 interfaces and a slower transfer rate than a WIC-2T, which has two smart serial interfaces, but other than that there's really no difference and I can simulate frame relay or a T1 connection with either?

(2) I think the 2610XM has a fast ethernet interface and a regular 2610 has a 10MB ethernet interface. With the basic 2610 with it's basic 10MB ethernet interface, it can do everything having to do with VLANs that an NM-1FE-TX can do, as long as the IOS supports it?

Re: Help - CCNA/CCNP lab

1)Yes, for the frame-relay simulation, both can work. As for the T1 connection, you cannot configure the clockrate more than 128000 on NM-4A/s interfaces, otherwise the interfaces will be down. Other than that, they are almost the same in the function.

2)The 2610's ethernet interface(10MB) only support do1Q encapsulation while the fastEthernet interface on 2610xm supports both isl and do1Q encapsulation. As for the NM-1FE-TX plugging to the 2610, I've never tried before, but I think it supports do1Q at least.



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Re: Help - CCNA/CCNP lab

I'm not sure if this is the same thing but I was told there are some vlan functions such as inter-vlan routing that really do not work on the 10mb ports according to Cisco. Anyone else have any information?

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Re: Help - CCNA/CCNP lab

intervlan on 10M port will work on routers, i haven't seen one that doesn't work.

but official line by Cisco is this is not supported.

Perhaps this is an unintended feature.

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Re: Help - CCNA/CCNP lab

I am also trying to simulate FR switch.

I have:

1 router with 2-port WIC2T to act as the FR Switch (DCE)

3 routers each with 1-port WIC2T to act as the customer frame-relay (DTE)

Will this work?

I can't find cables that are Smart Serial to Smart Serial

Even if I find them would they need to be DCE/SS to DTE/SS?

I don't understand why cables have DCE or DTE designations.

Thanks for any insight you can provide