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HELP... I need urgent help configuring a 1710 router...

I have a 1710 that acts as a dhcp server and a gateway to the internet... the internet was switched from a DSL to a T1 today and all hell has broken loose and now there is NO internet connectivity at all... please help...

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Re: HELP... I need urgent help configuring a 1710 router...


Your post certainly does not give us much to work with. Posting the config of the 1710 would be a better place to start.

Given your description of the situation my first guess would be that the default gateway that worked when it was DSL was not changed and should be changed to work with the T1. My second guess would be that there was address translation with the DSL and that it was not changed for the T1. Depending on what the T1 connects to there should be different address translation or no address translation.

If those guesses do not get to the problem then we need better data to work from.



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Re: HELP... I need urgent help configuring a 1710 router...


My assumption here is you want the Cisco 1710 to act as, basically, a broadband router. In other words, it will perform NAT and act as a DHCP server for clients in your network.

A template for NAT configuration for most Cisco routers can be found here: Keep in mind it is showing Eth0 as the external interface whereas you would likely be using a T1 WIC.

The Cisco page on configuring DHCP is here: but you can opt to use freeware products that can act as DHCP servers on a PC. TFTPD32 ( can do that pretty well but there are others, too.

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