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Help needed choosing a new router

Hi there,

Our company is in need of a new router for internet traffic. Because I'm having trouble selecting a model, I would like to ask for your help on this one. Our situation is as follows:
 - Primary internet connection is a 60/10 Mbps cable connection.
 - Backup internet connection is an ADSL connection (not normally in use)
 - Currently our old DrayTek Vigor 2910 is incapable of processing more than 25 Mbps.
 - We have approximately 35 users working in our office.
 - Traffic primarily consists of web browsing, e-mail and VOIP phone calls.

When the need arises, we would like to have the option of adding an additional cable connections for more bandwidth.
Additionally, we would like to replace our OpenVPN server with Cisco VPN on this new router, which should handle about 5 users during daytime and 10 outside of office hours.

I have narrowed it down to a 2900-series router because of the flexibility provided by the EHWIC slots. I have found the following models:

ModelWAN performanceRealistic performance
Cisco 290125 Mbps167 Mbps
Cisco 291135 Mbps181 Mbps
Cisco 292150 Mbps246 Mbps
Cisco 295175 Mbps297 Mbps


These performance numbers confuse me as to which model to choose.

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Would you not consider going

Would you not consider going for an ASA?

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See if attachment helps.

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If I were to choose a device,

If I were to choose a device, I would probably go for an ASA5525. Everything you need is included and you save yourself a lot of time as configuring VPN on WAN routers can be tricky.


Hello, Christian_Berkhout.

Hello, Christian_Berkhout. The Cisco ISR 2921 or 2921 would be ideal to support  more SRST and SIP. You can check this comparison table for an overview: ( If you would consider an ASA, I recommend the ASA 5500-X for the latest models and Cisco's Next Generation Firewalls. Feel free to e-mail me (, if you have additional concerns or need a local Cisco support/quote. Kind regards. 

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