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help on bgp config

on router name as chic there are two links one is for outgoing and one for  for local prefernce 600 is used for outgoing and 300 for


int fa0/1

ip add          202.124.x.19

int fa0/0


router bgp 4xxx

neighbor 202.124.x.x remote-as 95xx

neighbor 125.17.x.x  remote-as 18xx

neighbor 202.124.x.x route-map RELIANCE-IN in

  neighbor 202.124.x.x route-map RELIANCE-OUT out

neighbor 125.17.x.x route-map AIRTEL-IN in

  neighbor 125.17.x.x route-map AIRTEL-OUT out

  no synchronization

  network 203.x.x.x/24

ip prefix-list DEFAULT seq 5 permit

ip prefix-list AIRTEL-OUT seq 5 permit 203.x.x.0/24

ip prefix-list RELIANCE-OUT seq 5 permit 203.x.x.0/24

route-map AIRTEL-IN permit 10

match ip address prefix-list DEFAULT

set local-preference 300

route-map RELIANCE-IN permit 10

match ip address prefix-list DEFAULT

set local-preference 600


On other router name as sa only one link is terminated.for incoming and outgoing

Note router chic and sa are in same company but there are not connected to each other.

router chic is used for diffrent vlan and router sa is used for diffrenrt vlan but incoming traffic is adversiteed as

203.x.x.x on both router.

Problem- when router sa is turned on trffic coming at router chic is geeting affected.sudeen all the tunnels are geeting affected.

browsing also geeting affected.

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help on bgp config

Hi Prashanth,

Not clear about the setup. Is it possible to provide a topology ?

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help on bgp config


I have attached the set up

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