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Help required VPN with 1751 and 831

i have a central site and remote site. i want to establish site to site VPN.

at the central site i have got leased line with public remote site is using an ADSL connection, in this case i will not get any Public IP.on the ADSL interface i will get a DHCP IP from the service provider, i'm not sure about the lease time.

This is my scenario, i would like to deploy site to site VPN. I got the information that using "easy VPN" i can do this.but i need more details regarding this.

From cisco web site i got the pdf.In this

there is a 1751 router acting as "Easy VPN Server" and 831 router at remote site. according to this document remote site can be static ip or dynamic IP.

IOs requirements given are

Cisco 831 : 12.3(2)XA(c831-k9o3sy6-m)

Cisco 1751: 12.2(8)T (c1700-k9o3sv3y7-m)

so in my scenario will this work.

The cisco pdf name is " Configuring Cisco IOS easy VPN remote with Client mode and split tunneling."

Please help.

Thanks & Regds



Re: Help required VPN with 1751 and 831

WHen I run the software advisor, to support Easy remot vpn server feature on 1751, it shows 12.2.15T17 (the one available now) . So you might want to consider upgrading your IOS. (Beore doing this, check if the required IPSEC commands are available in the CLI).

And also on the 831, it lists 12.3.7XR6 or 12.3.8YA1 or better.

What software advisor lists is the currently available train (for download) that supports the requested features. Doesnt mean that your software version will not support the requested features. Like I said before, try verifying the ipsec commands required for easy vpn server/remote on the appropriate routers (1751/831).


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Re: Help required VPN with 1751 and 831

hi shanky thanks for your reply.

i will explain my present at H.O one router and 515E pix is already working.

at remote site they have ADSL.users at remote site using Cisco VPN client and the issue is

only one user can work at a time means if one person connects the second person caannot connect thru the same line.but if he is using dial up line the user connects.

issue is multiple vpn clients cannot connect using a single ADSL remote branch its not a cisco router its an ordinary dlink.

so from remote branch 10 users want to connect to H.O

and all are using cisco VPN client.can you suggest a solution for this.

i enabled ISAKMP nat-traversal inside my H.O pix.

but no change.

i want to isolate this issue.if its not possible

then i'm planning to go for a new solution using 1751 and 831.



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Re: Help required VPN with 1751 and 831

hi pls post ur views

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