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Help with new BGP neighbor

I have a private MPLS network with Verizon that connects my 6 offices. My routers communicate using BGP and everything has worked fine for years. I'm not a router expert so please bear with me.

Recently Verizon added some fiber connections to 3 of my branch offices. These will replace the current copper lines. So I plugged these new circuits into a different interface and added in the new BGP neighbor.

I can do an extended traceroute from new interface here to the new interface at a branch office and that works fine. When I shutdown my current WAN interface nothing works. I cant connect to my branch offices. Any ideas? Here is the BGP part of my config.


router bgp 65001
 no synchronization
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 timers bgp 10 30
 redistribute connected
 redistribute static
 neighbor 152.176.XX.XX remote-as 65000
 neighbor 199.220.XX.XX remote-as 65000
 no auto-summary


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Hello bstrain1974, When you

Hello bstrain1974,


When you shutdown your current WAN interface through which interface do packets travel?


My suggestion is to compare the BGP table and the Routing table, because you might have addresses to reach outside on the BGP table perspective but not on your Routing table. 

A known issue is that the addresses found on the Enterprise-Internet connected routers when announcing the BGP routes have the next hop address as the ID of the ISP router and your internal routers do not have a way of reaching them, therefore you would need to use the command neighbor xx next-hop-self to advertise those routes with the ID of your local router.





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You mention Internet and ISP.

You mention Internet and ISP. This network is not connected to the Internet or my ISP, just a private network with Verizon. I have attached a picture.

The thin black lines are the current WAN connections. The red lines are the new circuits.

When I shutdown at the main office I lose connection to all of my other locations. It's like BGP is not working right. The new circuit does not come up.

From my router I can ping the neighbor on Verizon's side

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