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Help with OSPF lab


I'm trying to setup a small lab to understand OSPF. What are the minimum number of routers I need to get this working?

I don't want to have to add static routes my routers and hope to make it dynamic so that routers are aware of each other and what's on the other side, possible?

Not sure if OSPF is now old are I should be learning BGP?

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Re: Help with OSPF lab

At least 2 routers I would suggest 5

OSPF and BGP are complete different routing protocols

BGP is going to be use for internet routing with large routing table for the most part.

OSPF is used more comely in a private network were updates will happen much quicker.

Here is a little lab I found its very simple but It give a basic idea.

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Re: Help with OSPF lab

Great link.

OSPF isn't as dynamic as I first thought. What protocol can dynamically tell it's neighbours it's routing information?

What router with serial interfaces would I need? I can use the virtual lab GNS3 for this.

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Re: Help with OSPF lab

Well by configuring the network statements for each network you have you are dynamically sending out a route to for that network to any other router on the network.

you can use serial or ethernet interfaces it does not really matter.

I have never used GNS3 so I will leave that to someone else. I will say that I much prefer really routers then virtual lab.

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