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Help with WAN

We are a company of 100+ with HQ and 6 other locations. We currently have T-1 in all locations but use Terminal Service to connect to the main computers at HQ. All locations need real time connection but they continuely get disconnection using TS sometime even no connection at all. We also have Salesmen in the field that use TS with their laptops. My question is can we set up a WAN that would eliminate the Terminal Services? VPN for our laptop connections? I have many questions but I think the first answer to this question would help me greatly.


Re: Help with WAN

Are these point to point T1s ? Are there any firewalls used ? Does TS timeout local to the HQ ?What other applications run across this network ? You can try prioritizing TS traffic (RDP) and see if that helps any better.

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Re: Help with WAN

the T-1 are not point to point, provided by XO, Do not know if it times out at HQ, but I do know they are using it during the drop, but if it is at the HQ then they external location might not notice for a few minutes. only applications running is Everest Advanced (sales and accounting software) and outlook for email and any server HD they would need to get a specific file from.Can I just set up a vpn WAN to all external locations with Static IP addresses at each station at the external location? anything you can offer would be great.

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