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How do I determine my installed 7200 DRAM chip size

Does anyone know how to determine what size DRAM chip is in bank 1 of an NPE300 without powering down and turning off. I need to upgrade from 96MB to 128MB but need to know what size chip to order. If I have a 64MB chip installed already I can just buy another, but if there are 2 x 32MB I will need to get a 128MB chip. Thanks for any help in advance.



Re: How do I determine my installed 7200 DRAM chip size

A word of advise, NPE-300s are end of life and Cisco is going to do End of Support for these NPE's by Dec 2006. I would not invest money now to buy memory chips for a module (unless you rely on third party memory, which Cisco TAC does not support).

NPE-G1 is the replacement module for the NPE-300 and they come with 1 gig of memory.

Now to answer your question, I am not sure if you can see memory configs like you do in 3600s, using a command. Your 7200 NPE has 32 MB of fixed memory and on bank 1 and bank 2, it could be two 32's or one 64MB.


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