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How do I figure out what equipment I need?

I'm very new to cisco - im trying to learn but i'm stuck

How do I figure out what equipment I need for a task? Who am I supposed to ask?

I'm trying to design a network with 50 users in a Head Office (ability to work from home) and 13+ small branch offices each with ~5-10 users (work from home not so important)

also looking to put a UC500 (or bigger/better for scalability) in the head office and if all goes well roll out to the branches - i'm unsure as to how i can use the branch vpn links with the UC500

What boxes do I need to link each branch to the head office (for emails and access to the terminal server)?

I've been looking at ASA 5505s and just now found the ISR 87x series but have no idea on the different capabilities and what is compatible with what or what to use in what situation?

I have done training on the asa 5505 so a bit of knowledge about that one and did some UC500/520 training yesterday (am brain dead still lol)

we're just lost as to what box fits where and why!

We are a new partner and looking to get Select certified but need to solve the above customers problems ASAP

Where to from here?

Thanks in advance,


(lost and confused)

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Re: How do I figure out what equipment I need?


IMHO you need to start with requirements gathering for your network. Are you trying to build hub and spoke VPN or full mesh? What traffic and in what direction will flow between the sites. What needs encryption and what can go in clear text. What WAN size you have at each location etc...

After you done your homework you will have a better idea of the right box for the job to be done. Then you do a pilot, see if the technology works etc....

my 2c


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