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How do you see all the routes learned via EIGRP

I have a multi-path network running EIGRP.  For some reason, when I look at the EIGRP accounting, I see that on Route A at a site learned 500+ routes from upstream and Router B only learned 260.   Furthermore, Router A only has 9 prefixed learned from Router B.  So if the link on Router A goes down, I am going to have some routing issues.


How can I look further into the what is happening with in EIGRP to see what the problem is?  Is there any way within the topology that I can see what prefixes are actually learned from Router B?

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Try 'show ip eigrp topology'.

Try 'show ip eigrp topology'. You can pipe to filter the results

show ip eigrp topology | i

It doesn't tell me what the

It doesn't tell me what the routes actually are:


hostname#             show ip eigrp top | i
        via (54016/53760), Vlan1
        via (133376/133120), Vlan1
        via (133376/133120), Vlan1
        via (133376/133120), Vlan1
        via (133376/133120), Vlan1




You may have to tweak your

You may have to tweak your filter a bit. For example I'm learning routes via Vlan3013 and Vlan3014 and if I want to see routes learned from Vlan3013 I could either filter including routes and Vlan3013 or just filter out Vlan3014 (easier).

show ip eigrp 1 topology | exclude Vlan3014

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Have you tried "show ip route

Have you tried "show ip route eigrp" or "show ip eigrp topology all-links?"

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