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how many DMVPN tunnels

I have two 7206VXR routers with VPN modules in them. How many DMVPN spoke tunnels can they terminate before things get a bit sketchy. Cisco DOC says 400 per interface but I don't know how accurate that really is. Any?

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Re: how many DMVPN tunnels

Doesn't seem exaggerated at all, I've smaller routers with similar numbers.

Ultimately all what counts is the amount of traffic. You can have 4000 session doing nothing or 40 raising hell all the time.

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Re: how many DMVPN tunnels

WE use a 3700 series unit with 19 DMVPN tunnel without issues. Load is around 60%.

So for 7206 with the modules i would say HEAPS. Dont no on the actualy limits but i would say in the hundreds as well.

Keeping in mind it also depends on the level of encrption you use as well on those tunnels.

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Re: how many DMVPN tunnels

Actually when using crypto hardware modules, level of encryption is not influent.

Traffic amount always is.

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