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How rate limit specific user or users from the LAN pool while downloading from Internet

I need to apply downloading rate-limiting on  circuits to prevent the circuit from being 80-100% utilized by a  single user or multiple users.

Any idea how can the config be,

For example


if there is a single user or multiple users in the LAN consuming 100% of the bandwidth, how can i apply rate limiting to a specific user or users from the LAN pool from downloading.

NOTE : I do not want to deny those users from using internet, it is just that i need to rate limit the amount of bandwidth they use for downloading and thus prevent the circuit from getting chocked.


How rate limit specific user or users from the LAN pool while do


If you want to achieve this configuration with Layer 2 QoS. you can configure a policer to rate-limit the traffic. The configuration changes from switch to switch, supervisor to superviror, IOS to IOS.

This is an example that works in fixed units.

1) Create an access-listo to match the vlan of the users you want to rate-limit.

Switch> enable

Switch# configure terminal

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

Switch(config)# access-list 101 permit ip any any !!!(Interesting traffic that you want to limit)

2)Create a class-map to call the ACL.

Switch(config)# class-map vlan2013 !!!(Class map name)

Switch(config-cmap)# match access 101

Switch(config-cmap)# exit

3)Create the policer.

Switch(config)# policy-map ratelimiting

Switch(config-pmap)# class vlan2013

Switch(config-pmap-c)# police 10000000 312500 exceed-action drop. !!!(Note that the first number in this line is configured in bytes and it represents the total bandwidth, the second number represents the burst of traffic)

This example applies the configuration to the SVI2013.

Switch(config)# interface vlan 2013

Switch(config-if)# service-policy input ratelimiting.

Remember to apply the vlan-based in the physical interfaces as well.

Switch(config)# interface gig 0/37

Switch(config-if)# mls qos vlan-based.

That's just an example, you tune the configuration with the bandwidth and burst of traffic desire.

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