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How to baseline router, circuit

Folks, can you help me here:

Imagine I have a MPLS network, currently with:

3825 router(headquarter)--- 3xT1--MPLS

2851 router(1 branch office)--3xT1--MPLS

Now I want to evaluate how many future branch offices I can handle with this 3xT1 in my headquarter.

I will ask clients in the branch office to perform tasks from multiple client machine so that I have a chance to analyze the load, network throuhgput, peak load, etc.


Which tool(s) I should use to monitor network throughput, usage, etc? I believe I should monitor the headquarter router and circuit usage and the branch office usage as well.

Please advise.


Re: How to baseline router, circuit

IMO you would want to use something to long term trend your interface utilization. Your best bet is to use SNMP and a manager (I use Solarwinds Orion). You could also use Netflow.

Hope that helps.


Re: How to baseline router, circuit

I use a free tool called cacti.

I would check with your mpls provider and see if they have any reports. Many providers keep this type of data so they can show you utilization when you call and complain its slow. Their sales guys also seem to know when to call and offer you more bandwidth.

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