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How to change EIGRP metric type

Does anyone know of a good way to change the metric type from internal to External in EIGRP? We have backup VPN tunnels using GRE with EIGRP into our core to all of our remote sites. All the remotes are advertising their routes as EIGRP type Internal. Is there a way I can change this easily? I cannot change anything in the core, I'm looking to see if there is anything I can do on the remote cisco routers to change what is advertised into the core. So far what works is to redistribute connected with a route-map that points to the subnet assigned interface however I don't like this. Apparenlty Cisco doesnt' support any route-map command that can change this either. Anyone have any good ideas I welcome them.


Re: How to change EIGRP metric type

There are 3 ways to do this:

Redistribute connected, route-map with 'match interface' or 'match ip address '

Add static routes for the routes you want to be external, redistribute static. I prefer to match interface in case a simple fat finger messes up the ACL.

Add a new EIGRP process for these networks, add the network command under the new process, and then on your primary process 'redistribute eigrp '

There isn't a way to switch the route type mid-stream anywhere. Summarization is the next closest thing, but this sounds like it's not what you're looking for.

Redistributing another process may be the more graceful way to do this.

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Re: How to change EIGRP metric type

Thanks for your reply. Those are the solutions we have been using but one problem creeps up I've noticed when we do redistribute connected, we can't use the network command in the EIGRP process anymore and we loose our neighbor with our other routers. Does that make sense to you? Or can we do a redistribute connected and use the network command in the EIGRP process at the same time? will one take precedence over the other? Wonder if we can redistribute connected out a particular interface with the route map?

Re: How to change EIGRP metric type

You should be able to redistribute both connected and use the network command. In theory, the worst case would be that you send both an internal and external route, which the other side would prefer the internal route anyways.

What should happen in this case is that the originating router will see that it's already sending the internal route and not send the external route.

I can't think of a reason why redistributing connected would make you lose EIGRP neighbors.

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