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How to config Router 2800

Dear all

My company use one line (leaseline 2Mb)for all services(internet,vpn,webclient,mail server, data server).

Now I have a new line (leaseline 1Mb) from other ISP.

I want to connect 2 that line in one router 2800 and I have one Pix 515E inside and I aslo want to use the new line (leaseline 1Mb) only for internet, the leaseline 2Mb I'll use it for Vpn,mail,data tranfer,web client...

but I don't know how to configure the Router and Pix

Please help me, thanks

I'm in Vietnam but I only have a bit experience

key word: diagram.jpg

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Re: How to config Router 2800

you really need a onsite consultant to hel you with this it is way to complicated to asnwer in a forum like this, however based on your question you should be able to acheive it at least using interesting roiuting and PBR but for the details you need external help.


Re: How to config Router 2800

for router config, here is an example where

traffic goes to internet via ISP1 or 2 based on IP source. you can adjust the access-lists based on protocols (http,https,DNS via ISP1 and all others via ISP2).

note the example gives also redendancy (if one ISP goes down all traffic will bw redirected to the second ISP)

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Re: How to config Router 2800

wah, very usefull website, thanks a lot.


Re: How to config Router 2800

not at all ;-) and it's free

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