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how to configure 1811 ISR with dual ISP

please give me sample config how to configure dual WAN (2 ISP) for Cisco 1811 ISR router, with load sharing and failover.. and what if I add VPN failover with 3 sites using IPSEC.

I appreciate your big help.

thank you very much...

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Re: how to configure 1811 ISR with dual ISP

To keep things simple u can put 2 static routes with just their outgoing interfaces for the same destination. This will do loadbalancing + failover. This may not work if you have Ethernet presentation as WAN link..

I could not get ur other question...?



Re: how to configure 1811 ISR with dual ISP


following the approach from the previous post the config could look like this (you have to adjust interface names and IP addresses to your environment):

interface Serial0

description to ISP1

ip address

interface Serial1

description to ISP2

ip address

ip route

ip route

Also be advised, that this only takes care about IP routing, but NOT about security - in fact there are no security filters in place at all.

Things get a lot more complicated in case you need NAT, because you do not have your own IP address range. So the question is: do you have your own IP addresses or do you get your official IPs from the respective ISPs?

Regards, Martin

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