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How To Configure WCCP between a 3845 router and a BlueCoat 9000 proxy

I am looking for a document that describes the configured required.

I have followed the instructions available at the Blue Coat web site (+ the little information that I found on the Cisco web site), but it is not working. What I am looking for is information on how to configure a Non-GRE setup between a Cisco 3845 (+ a 3750G-24TS switch) and a Bluecoat 9000 proxy server.


(1) Force user authentication (read: check the user dB in our AD) for all users when they access external sites, (2) but when our users want to access an intranet site then no authentication should be performed - a kind of "re-direct".

In order to provide a solution for this type of scenario, one must (?) use a non-GRE type of setup. Well, not "must" but my experience is that after I configured a GRE "solution" then the average CPU consumption on another 3845 (the same HW specs.) went up from 22-27% to 64-72%......if I remove the GRE configurations then the average CPU consumption goes back to 22-27%......

I have - right now - no access to the configurations on the router/switch or the Bluecoat (not in the office), I can include those tomorrow.

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