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How to Configure WIC-1DSU-T1

Currently have a 2600 router with serial interface connected to external Adtran CSU/DSU on a frame relay WAN.

Purchased a WIC-1DSU-T1 interface module and would like to know how to configure it. (so I don't have to hire our router consultant...yet)

Here's our current config for the serial interface:

interface Serial0/0

no ip address

encapsulation frame-relay

logging event subif-link-status

logging event dlci-status-change


interface Serial0/0.100 point-to-point

bandwidth 1536

backup delay 30 300

backup interface Dialer1

ip address

frame-relay interface-dlci 100

bridge-group 1


I have the sample config from Cisco for the DSU card. here it is:

Interface serial 0/0

service-module t1 clock source internal

service-module t1 timeslots 1-24 speed 64

service-module t1 framing esf

service-module t1 linecode b8zs

ip address

encapsulation pppfair-queno shut


I can make a bunch of assumptions on the config but I thought I'd try here first.




Re: How to Configure WIC-1DSU-T1


I personally would not recommend you set the clocksource to internal. That usually causes frame slips and other line errors. Set it to line.



Re: How to Configure WIC-1DSU-T1

I agree with Steve re: clock source.

Also, double-check on the Adtran how many channels are enabled, and which ones (if less than 24). Make sure the WIC-1DSU-T1 is configured to match these. Not all Frame Relay service providers give you a full T1 pipe to access the Frame Relay cloud.

Everything else looks fine.

Don't be surprised if you don't see any of those service-module commands in your config after you input them and copy running-config to startup. Each of my Frame Relay access pipes is a full T1 (24 channels @ 64kbps each), B8ZS, ESF and clock source=line, and none of the commands show in the config because they're the default settings.

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