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How to configure WS-SVC-CMM-6E1

Dear Professional,

I have a 7609 router with 9 module. I have WS-SVC-CMM Module installed in module 1 & 2 both of them are equipped with (1) WS-SVC-CMM-6E1, (1) WS-SVC-CMM-ACT and (1) WS-SVC-CMM-24FXS.

I will replaced the old 3660 router with 7609 router. The old router is connected to traditional PBX with 5 E1's.

How can I configure the WS-SVC-CMM-6E1. When I make a sh run the E1 port is not showing and is not showing any voice port. Unlike in the old 3660 router whenever you are inserting any E1 card the router will detect the E1.

Please be advice.


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Re: How to configure WS-SVC-CMM-6E1

The card is treated slightly different from all others cards you are inserting on the cat7609 .

You have tο telnet on the card and the configure it as a router.

Please see the attached document

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Re: How to configure WS-SVC-CMM-6E1


Thanks for the info. What do you mean to telnet? Can you give me an example. Sorry for this stupid question, this is the first time I configure this router.

One more thing, I am really confuse, when I sh run the system, its give me gigabitEthernet and fastethernet ports in module 1 and 2, where are this ports? In module 1 and 2, The cards installed are WS-SVC-CMM-6E1, WS-SVC-CMM-ACT and WS-SVC-CMM-24FXS on the same modules (1&2).

Can you give me a little bit more explanation.


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Re: How to configure WS-SVC-CMM-6E1


on the attached file you will find all the need info.

In case you do not have the file you can find it on the following url :

Copying from the manual :

1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. interface gigabitethernet slot/port

4. switchport

5. switchport access vlan vlan id

6. no shutdown

7. end

8. session slot mod_number processor 0

9. If you are configuring a media services feature, configure the CMM media card.


Proceed to Step 10.

10. Configure the VoIP gateway or media services feature.



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